Why Andrology


ANDROCARE offers a congregate, unconditional, confidential, genuine, highly advanced superspeciality facilities of high quality and international standards to all regardless of their socioeconomic conditions, its sole motto being the procurement of a perfect solution to all mens problems under one roof.


Our aim is to bring awareness in the society regarding this new speciality "ANDROLOGY & MENS HEALTH" and the dedication, capability and ingeniality of our centre in offering the services in a transparent way with the help of specially designed protocols for each and every complaint.

We are very well known for our policy of offering surreptitious and discrete patient care which is highly essential for the andrology patients.

We at ANDROCARE understand the social stigmata behind coming forward with andrology related problems and offer a very private and confidential consultation to the individuals.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive and confidential medical and surgical care to all andrology problems under one roof in a transparent way.