Sperm Banking :

We also have a bank to store your sperm samples. Yes, if you are worried about losing your fertility one day, you can store your semen samples with us. We store them at a very low temperature for a prolonged period. This procedure is basically known as Gamete cryopreservation. If you wish to have a child in the future, there is no loss in considering cryopreservation of your semen or testicular tissue. No matter if the specimens have low numbers of sperm. The general method of obtaining your semen is through masturbation. As soon as your sample is collected, within one hour we start our procedure. After analyzing the quantity and quality of your semen, we perform a small test and then divide the remaining sample into smaller amounts which are further transferred into multiple vials. These vials are then freezed for three hours and then test vial is liquefied. In the last, we examine the number of the defrosted sperms and their motility which can be used at a later date when ever necessary.