Androcare is a comprehensive centre with a dedication to provide highly advanced services of international standard with an exactitude. We are committed to deal with a spectrum of services ranging from adolescence to andropause under one roof thus serving as a one stop solution to all, in a more transparent way.

We understand all the trauma you might be facing with the sexual disorder you or your spouse might have developed. With a boon from the advanced medical sciences, we have raised a health clinic that is dedicated to provide top-notch services related to men’s health.

The range of services offered at ANDROCARE are

And also other issues like...


  • Surgical sperm retrieval :
    Epididymis (PESA - percutaneous, MESA- microsurgical sperm aspiration) Testicular – TESA - Testicular aspiration / TESE – Testicular extraction with micro dissection Microsurgery for Azoospermia and post vasectomy recanalization
  • Sperm processing
  • Sperm cryopreservation / Donor semen bank
  • Erectile dysfunction assessment including Nocturnal Penile Tumescence(Rigi Scan), PERISCOPE, ENDOPAT, O2C, visual sexual stimulation & penile prosthetic surgery, curvature surgery, lengthening and We are offering a new mode of treatment EXTRA CORPOREAL SHOCK WAVE LITHOTRIPSY.
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction assessment including vibratory stimulation / electro ejaculation