Risk Factors

AGE : With a constant pressure to improve their life style, most of the couples are behind their careers, neglecting or postponing their families resulting in Late marriages, NonConsummation, Infertility etc.,. So, its always good to get FIRST THINGS DONE FIRST or ATLEAST AT THE RIGHT TIME!!

LIFESTYLE : Regarding the changes in the trends of life style… ! The increased prevalence of Smoking, AlcoholConsumption, DrugAbuse, Obesityin the community is also contributing a major threat to the fertility by affecting the sperm quality, Libidoetc., A simple change in the lifestyle, following a balanced diet with a little conscious about fitness and quitting smoking, alcohol and drugs can make them conquer this grave problem of male infertility. The males who smoke, drink or take drugs will be asked to quit that. Apart from the fact that a man is infertile or not, it is a great idea to bring such changes in your style of living prior to having a baby.

STRESS : The need for men to excel in their careers, to reach the targets and the odd work timings put them under lot of stress which can dramatically affect ones health in n number of ways also leading to infertility. Advisable ideas are to relieve from the stress in their own convenient ways and recharge for a better tomorrow.., ofcourse for all the days to be better.

RADIATION : Few occupations have this hazard of exposure to radiation and should be borne in mind to avoid radiation in all possible ways (lead barriers) and the amount of exposed radiation to be monitored always so as not to cross the permissible levels of radiation.