Hormone Disproportion Can Be the Outcome of Late Onset Hypogonadism

Research and investigation have revealed that if there is no enlargement in testicular volume as well as size by 14 years of age, then it is suspected that there ought to be some hormonal imbalance and hence it can be the major outcome of postponed puberty. The most important cause of postponed puberty is hypogonadism or you can say low testosterone levels. The symptoms of this issue include weakenexpansion of genitals, impaired growth of hair and arms and legs also grow strangelyin comparison to the rest body parts. Hypogonadism may be the outcome of certain kinds of medicines, obesity, pituitary conditions and infectious diseases. Another major cause of this situation, known as constitutional delay, frequently runs in some families and in this case, the normal puberty returns. Constitutional stoppage or delay affects development, growth, the inception of pubic plus facial hair and it is very much common in males or boys.