Men’s Health

Since the beginning, men as well as women have been undergoing afflictionand suffering because of hormonal changes. But only the female menopause got all its attention till recently and now the entity called ANDROPAUSE(Male Menopause) or Androgen Deficiency in Aging Male is also gaining importance.

Symptoms of Andropause

The most important effect of Andropause is that individuals are progressively brought back to the pre-puberty phase, by way of symptoms that have an effect not only on their hormones but in fact also on their physiological, social, psychological, sexual and spiritual aspects. There are some obvious symptoms that include:

  • Changes in physique(truncal Obesity, loss of body hair, diminished muscle mass & loss of height)
  • Changes in Metabolism (altered lipid profile, increased total body fat, osteoporosis & reduction in the red blood cells inthe blood)
  • Hot flushes, Night sweats, insomnia & nervousness
  • Psychological disturbances(anxiety, irritability, poor sleep, constant tiredness, poor short-term memory & low self-esteem)
  • Diminished capabilities (decreased physical energy, decreased muscle strength & inability to participate in sporting activities)
  • Decreased libido (reduced sex drive, poor erections & impaired ejaculation)

Andropause is normally exemplified by a reduction in testosterone. It usually occurs when male turns into 40 to 50 years of age. Men who are experiencing Andropause stage become quite boyish and self-indulgent but with less boldness and audacity. They tend to be emotionally very much attached to their friends and relatives. Hence, they become more caring, loving and domesticated.

Even though aging, the results of Andropause are expected but there are a few steps that one can take for slowing down the progression.

TREATMENT of Andropause:

Once diagnosed, now comes the treatment part which should be dealt with by a qualified doctor since it deals with Hormone Replacement Therapy (Testosterone) and should be properly monitored.
This mode of treatment has proved to have promisisng results and brings a dramatic change in the life of a an individual.
But, one should be aware of the side effects and should be under proper supervision regarding the dosage, tapering etc.,
There are few natural ways to increase the levels of testosterone viz., diet, lifestyle modification etc.,